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If you wish to start off with music lessons for your young one or you wish to pursue it as a hobby, then you can enroll with any of the music schools which suit you the best. There are plenty of options for someone who is serious about pursuing music till the advanced levels or [...]

I previously wrote about the second phase of fame, Addiction and Dependency. If you’re able to realize that your value as a human being is measured by who you are as a person rather than your persona you move into the third phase of fame: Acceptance and Adaption. In the Acceptance and Adaption phase you [...]

Summary Dementia 13 begins with Louise Haloran (Luana Anders) throwing her husband’s body overboard after his heart attack while out on a lake in a rowboat. She lies about the incident in order to claim his will. Louise types up a letter to Lady Haloran (Eithne Dunne) stating her husband is away on a business [...]

Among songwriters who would win the prize for brutal honesty? Obviously, there’s no way to quantify so it’s impossible to rank them all but if you made a list of the most candid works Joni Mitchell would certainly earn a place for her painfully frank album “Blue”. Without a doubt Mitchell was at her most [...]

Queensryche – Self Titled Written by The Rock Man Over the course of the past several years, opinions between some sections of the media, music journalists and fans have been divided over the quality of work produced by progressive metal icons Queensryche. Their past two studio recordings American Soldier (2009) and Dedicated To Chaos (2011) have taken quite a [...]

It is difficult to clearly state who the world’s biggest box office draw might be, but there is zero doubt that Johnny Depp would have to be at the top of the list. Over the years, Depp has been the star of countless major Hollywood releases. His ability to avoid being typecast has helped elevate [...]

Are you looking for ways to help your child perform well in school? Become socially active and disciplined? Well, studies show that introducing music to your child can help them improve in a lot of ways. And whether they can be the next Mariah Carey, Beyonce or more likely to sing her solos in the [...]

On November 18, 1992, the comic-book world lived one of the most important days in its history. In fact; it was one of the best comics ever written in any genre. The battle of Superman versus Doomsday was particularly good for me, since I’m the biggest Kal-El fan there is. The graphic novel went down [...]

Summary Cha Tae-sik (Bin Won) is a former special agent with a tragic past, who now lives a quiet life as a recluse running a pawn shop. Two people, Hyo-jeong (Hyo-seo Kim) and her young daughter, Jeong So-mi (Sae-ron Kim) come into his life. They are his next door neighbors. One day Hyo-jeong asks Cha [...]

Fame 101 is needed to teach people what’s coming: the swell of people, requests, the letters, the e-mails, the greetings on the street, the honking of horns, the screaming of your name. -Giles and Rockwell, “Phenomenology of Fame” Fame is a paradoxical phenomenon. It’s brilliance calls to many who through passionate dedicated work, an unexpected [...]

Superman is a comic book hero who has a wide variety of tremendous powers. He uses these skills to keep the peace in the city of Metropolis, primarily – although his domain of protection extends across the entire planet earth. He uses his powers to fight for what is right on his adopted planet, even [...]