Helping you to understand how mantras can improve your life

Namadeva Acharya, previously Ashley-Farrand, and Satyabhama, previously Margalo Ashley Farrand, are here to help you understand and appreciate how mantras can improve your difficult, busy and chaotic lives. This day and age makes it almost impossible to find peace, tranquility and even solemnity. In the chaos, people don’t always make a conscious effort to learn and appreciate the question; what does mantra mean.

Acharya and Satyabhama have through years of mystical and spiritual experience and encounters, training, learning of their own, then teaching writing and preaching, compiled a compendium of books, CD, DVDs and audio-files to teach secular men and women, too caught up in their busy and pressurized lives, what mantras, religion and its ceremonies mean and how they are applied or practiced, and what Hindu conversion and life is all about. It is indeed a way of life which could well change yours for the better.

Acharya’s personal expertise is in the disciplines of the ancient Hindu religious ceremonies. Satyabhama, on the other hand, became a Christian mystic as young as fourteen years of age. Acharya, like many gurus, has his own personal philosophies on spiritual and material life, undoubtedly gleaned from the ancient readings and teachings and experiences that he has had. For instance, he has maintained a stance that an increased ability to serve others is the one reliable sign of spiritual progress.

After her mystical discoveries, Satyabhama received her formal spiritual training by way of the Narvana Sadhana and the Shiva Sadhana. She then went on to learn how to perform ancient pujas and fire ceremonies. Satyabhama also met her guru and future husband on the same day. A year later, her guru married them. Both are today Vedic priests and teachers, producing printed and software learning tools for readers.